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Feb/Mar 2013

Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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e eXecUTive InTeRVIeW sHipbUildiNg priOrity fOr New lOcKHeed ceO In november, rosemary J. chapdelaine took over the helm as president and general manager of lockheed Martin canada. A former director of business development for the company's Mission Systems & Training business in the United States, she has held management positions in both the U.S. and United Kingdom, including as director of the Mh-60 maritime helicopter production program. She spoke with Vanguard about immediate priorities and growth opportunities. What is top of your agenda as you step into this job? we are going to see a lot of efficiencies come from that. But the challenges are still in front of us. The number one priority is the Halifax-class modernization program. That's the biggest contract that we have at Lockheed Martin Canada, working with SEASPAN and Irving Shipbuilding as well as the DND navy team. We're focused on meeting the milestones and delivering the commitments. Are you approaching the CEO role with a specific strategy? Are you facing any particular challenges in meeting those at the moment? The challenges are the typical challenges for the type of program, the fact that the Halifax-class modernization involves a lot of refit activity. Planning the refit depends on the state of the ship when it comes in – sometimes you don't know the exact state it is going to be in which can make it difficult to prepare for the upgrades and stay within the timelines. My perception in the short time that I've been here is that the team has learned a lot and I think 32 FeBRUARy/MARch 2013 Lockheed Martin Canada has been here for a while and has a diverse portfolio of capabilities and programs. I'm inheriting an sound business plan and strategy. As we look forward at some of the changing dynamics of the environment across Canada or internationally, there will always be changes that you have to be prepared for, whether its customer budgets or new opportunities for which we might have to adjust our pre-existing strategy. I'm going to spend some time understanding the business as well as some of the strengths and products that we have and probably modify as it seems fit. Your biography mentioned experience with contract performance. Have you had any previous experience with the Canadian procurement system? I've worked in the United Kingdom as well as the U.S., so I have dealt with the MoD and the DoD, primarily on navy and some air force programs. I have to say that the introduction into Canada has been wonderful. I've attended integrated production team

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