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Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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6 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020 editor's note Canada's long-term, multi-billion-dollar strategy to replenish its federal fleet of ves- sels has been the topic of debate for many years. Since the government's commitment in 2010 to equip the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) through the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) with much-needed vessels, many projects have been completed in lay- ing the groundwork for Canada's future fleet. The two Canadian shipyards that were awarded the combat and non-com- bat packages of the NSS program – Irving Shipbuilding Inc. and Seaspan Shipyard – invested in upgrading their facilities to meet the requirements for the construction of Canada's modern fleet. Through the modernization of shipyards and employing skilled workers, the groundwork was laid for the NSS to take off. The many months and years of work are now bearing fruit with the first set of vessels being delivered to the RCN and CCG. The RCN and CCG are at the pivotal point of delivery through the NSS. Over the coming years, a modern, well-equipped federal fleet of vessels for both the RCN and CCG will be accepted and commis- sioned to ensure Canada's sovereignty and protection at home and abroad. To help us understand more about Canada's current and future fleet, we had the opportunity to speak with Commodore Christopher Robinson, Director General Naval Force Development, RCN. In this interview, you will learn more about the focus of the Naval Force Development (NFD) team, key capability challenges facing the RCN in the future, the progression of SSE, new fleet development, modernizing the Vic- toria-class submarines, the operations of submarines in the Arctic, the support role of UUVs, and a future class of submarines for Canada. In looking at Canada's submarine ca- pability and current status, Rear Admiral Peter D Briggs (Ret'd), who served in the Royal Australian Navy, provides some noteworthy points of Australia's subma- rine experience over the past few decades and shows the similarities to what Canada is experiencing currently. This topic of submarines will be further expanded at Deep Blue Forum, a virtual underwater event that will take place on October 29 and 30. Commodore Robinson and Rear Admiral Briggs (Ret'd) will both deliver keynote addresses. Tickets are on sale right now, so be sure to join us for this inaugural and informative conference by registering at Captain(N) Ian Parker (Ret'd) paints two scenarios in The Last Word, one with, and the other without the capabilities to operate in the Canadian Arctic. He asks which of the two endings do Canadians want and if we understand the potential risks of not focusing on the Arctic and the sub-surface maritime environment. To close off this issue, LCol Dean Black (Ret'd) writes about Canada's future fight- er. He points out that the three contenders for this project need to be evaluated from a political perspective - the extent of the contribution each can make to protect- ing Canadians and our specific interests over at least the next 40 years; from an economic perspective – what sort of im- pact acquisition will have on the domestic and international fighter aircraft industry going forward; and from a socio-cultural perspective - the extent to which each can help shape not just the air force but the armed forces of tomorrow in terms of how each option can engender an interest in military service, especially in the air force. I hope you enjoy reading this issue. 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