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Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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I N N O V A T O R S & T R A I L B L A Z E R S Managing Director Sentient ViSion SyStemS Dr. Paul Boxer For the interview, see page 42 if i had to choose one piece of advice that i have always valued highly, it is, "a good leader must be comfortable with uncertainty". What is the best advice you received? Our ViDAR Optical Radar technology is at the fore- front of changing the effectiveness and economics of maritime search. ViDAR autonomously detects and tracks small hard to see objects, such as small rubber boats, fast boats, fishing buoys, and people in the water over vastly greater areas than existing optical approaches. And with low size, weight, and power requirements it can easily be fitted to UAVs and small aircraft enabling significantly more cost-effective use of manpower and equipment whilst increasing search and surveil- lance capability. hoW is your organization changing the game Within your industry sector?

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