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Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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4 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2022 EDITOR'S NOTE Fall is in the air and Deep Blue Forum is just around the corner. We sincerely hope you'll join us in person in Ottawa at the wonderful National Arts Centre or vir- tually on November 2, 2022. We have an outstanding host of speakers includ- ing our keynotes, Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, OMM, MSM, CD Commander Royal Canadian Navy, and Cmdre Jason Armstrong, MSM, CD Director General Naval Fore Development and Darcy Byrtus, President, BMT. You can find complete event details and registration info at our website: https:// The theme for this year is The Canadian Patrol Submarine Project – 2030 Options for Canada. We look at the latest in sub- marine designs, and naval engineers give insight on the complexities of project management and modifying existing de- signs. Rounding out the day is a panel of lessons learned from those who have been involved in submarine acquisition. On that note, submarine acquisition is not for the faint of heart, I highly recom- mend reading The Last Word contributed article by Capt(N) Ian Parker (Ret'd), titled, "A long and Winding Road." A futuristic piece, which gives insight into the many challenges of submarine replace- ment that can be overcome and the fruits of the reward of a job accomplished. Continuing the maritime theme for this issue, right out of the gate we have two es- sential interviews that are must reads. First, there is "Victoria-Class Modernization: The Way Forward," an interview with Capt(N) Alex Kooiman, Commander Canadian Submarine Force. Next is "Maintaining a Navy," an inter- view with Cmdre Keith Coffen, Director General Maritime Equipment Programme Management, Department of National Defence where we seek to understand the status and the future plans for RCN's vessels. We cover Halifax-class frigates, Victoria-class submarines, Kingston- class Maritime Coastal Defence vessels, DeWolf-class Arctic and off-shore patrol vessels, autonomous vehicles, and staff re- tention. We take a deep dive into "Canada's Critical Submarine Requirements" in an article by Cmdre (N) Jamie Clarke [Ret'd]. In a world that is armed with the most sophisticated weapons and has reverted to the aggressive behaviours and failed diplomacy of years gone by, Canada must rapidly adjust its next defence policy. What are the necessary tools to understand what is happening above, on, and beneath our maritime environment? The Arctic security environment is changing, and new capabilities and new cooperative frameworks will be required to meet those evolving threats. "The Under- Ice Environment as a Strategic Space" by Adam Lajeunesse and Tim Choi explore emerging Arctic threats from Russia and China and how a new Canadian submarine fleet is crucial to meeting these challenges and defending Canada's third Ocean. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention this issue's featured Game Changers. Jim Landon is President of ATCO Frontec and has over 30 years of worldwide experience in operations man- agement, leadership development, risk management, strategic planning, and busi- ness transformation. He tells us about his early career and the experiences that let him to settle in Canada and with ATCO. Our other Game Changer is Mike Lewis, Director, Raytheon ELCAN. Mr. Lewis shares with us his interest in solving prob- lems that no one else can using his back- ground in physics and a unique balance of relentless drive and patience. As always, stay vigilant and keep your eyes on the horizon, Terri Pavelic, Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | TERRI PAVELIC PUBLISHER AND EXECUTIVE EDITOR | J. RICHARD JONES CONTRIBUTING EDITOR | MICHAEL KASABOSKI CONTRIBUTORS CMDRE(N) JAMIE CLARKE (RET'D) TIM CHOI MGEN RUPERT JONES (RET'D) ADAM LAJEUNESSE CAPT(N) IAN PARKER (RET'D) EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD LGEN STUART BEARE (RET'D) COL RICHARD FAWCETT (RET'D) CAPT(N) NORM JOLIN (RET'D) COL PIERRE LEBLANC (RET'D) CARINNA LIN SHANNON MCCLURE SALES DIRECTOR, CONTENT & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | DAVID BLONDEAU ART & PRODUCTION ART DIRECTOR | ELENA PANKOVA SUBSCRIPTIONS AND ADDRESS CHANGES CIRCULATION SERVICES | Publisher's Mail Agreement: 40052410 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to circulation dept. 21374, 2nd Concession Rd, East Gwillimbury, ON, L9N 0H7 Vanguard magazine is published 6 times per year by Promotive Communications Inc. 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