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Dec/Jan 2015

Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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PUBLISHER and EXECUTIVE EdITOR John Jones EdITOR Chris Thatcher COPy EdITOR Mark david CONTRIBUTORS Lee Carson Henning Jacobsen Kelly Williams John newton Bill Truelove John Schmidt Ian Coutts George Macdonald Chuck Black Greg Fyffe Philip Lagasse EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD LGen (Ret'd) Bill Leach LGen (Ret'd) George Macdonald Vadm (Ret'd) Greg Maddison LGen (Ret'd) Michel Maisonneuve ambassador Graham Green Professor Philippe Lagassé SALES VICE PRESIdEnT PUBLIC SECTOR SaLES Terri Pavelic (905) 727-4091 ext. 225 VP BUSInESS MEdIa STRaTEGy Marcello Sukhdeo (905) 727-4091 ext. 224 MaRKETInG dIRECTOR Mary Malofy ART & PRODUCTION aRT dIRECTOR Elena Pankova SUBSCRIPTIONS AND ADDRESS CHANGES CIRCULaTIOn SERVICES Mary Labao Publisher's Mail agreement: 40052410 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to circulation dept. 23-4 Vata Court, aurora, On L4G 4B6 Vanguard magazine is published 6 times per year by Promotive Communications Inc. all opinions expressed herein are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or any person or organization associated with the magazine. Letters, submissions, comments and suggested topics are welcome, and should be sent to REPRInT InFORMaTIOn: Reproduction or photocopying is prohibited without the publisher's prior written consent. High quality reprints of articles and additional copies of the magazine are available through PRIVaCy POLICy: We do not sell our mailing list or share any confidential information on our subscribers. VanGUaRd OFFICE 23-4 Vata Court, aurora, On L4G 4B6 Phone: (905) 727-4091 Fax: (905) 727-4428 IN EARLY DECEmBER, upheaval struck The New Republic when over three dozen editors and contributing editors resigned. The mass resignation was triggered by the departure of the magazine's two top editors over a dispute with new owner and Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes, and his CEO, former Yahoo News executive Guy Vidra, over the direction of the publication. The owner and CEO had announced that they were repositioning the magazine to be a "vertically integrated digital media company," a decision that appeared to break with its time-honoured focus. For some, it was seen as a clash of cultures between Silicon Valley and traditional media. Undoubtedly there is more to the story, but it points to a question that has been challenging all media: how to stay relevant in an online world where sources of information are omnipresent and advertising revenue is more difficult to define and secure. Over the past decade, we have seen all measure of experiments by newspapers, magazines, and television news channels to encourage reader engagement in novel ways that can be effectively tracked and quantified. At the same time, vendors are changing their relationship with publications and readers. Many have recognized that in the digital space there are new ways and op- portunities to shape the conversation. So many are exploring sponsored content as a form of thought leadership. Though still primarily print-based, trade media are not immune to these changes. Many are conducting their own online experiments, pushing digital editions, deliv- ering daily news feeds, tapping into social media, and branching into what for many was uncharted territory with video. As a publisher and content provider cutting across defence, security, biotechnol- ogy, information technology and the larger public sector, we have followed all of these changes with great interest. We have tested various strategies ourselves, and introduced new means of engaging with stakeholders where possible – our support of the Shipbuilding Association of Canada's recent Shipbuilding Technology Fo- rum is just one example of a larger push in the past three years to deliver more high value content through events. Readers of Canadian Government Executive and IT in Canada, for example, will have noticed a significant increase in the number of events on which we have either partnered or delivered – all a way of providing strong content. 2015 promises to be an exciting year for Vanguard. As a first step, we are launch- ing a new website on January 1 (well, more likely January 2). While the website will deliver our online content in new and creative ways, more importantly it will act as a springboard and allow us to branch into other areas. More to come as the New Year unfolds. John Jones, Publisher E EDITOR'S nOTE 4 dECEMBER 2014/JanUaRy 2015 Branching out

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