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April/May 2015

Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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T Technology 26 APRIL/MAY 2015 Smart W hen Defence Research and Development Canada released photos of a prototype for an integrated assault rifl e in Febru- ary, the media reaction was immediate: Canada's defence scientists had been watching too many science fi ction movies and playing too many video games. The gun, claimed the headlines, had been designed for The Fifth Element or was destined for the next version of Call of Duty. Even DRDC-Valcartier, which is leading the project, ac- knowledged it looked every bit like a weapon from a sci-fi fi lm. To be clear, the "smart gun" is only a prototype for a program known as Future Small Arms Research (FSAR). Called the Integrated Weapon System Concept, it grew out of a 2009 project called Soldier Integrated Precision Ef- fects Systems (SIPES) and will ultimately become integral to Soldier 2030, a long-term program intended to improve the tactical performance of the dismounted soldier. Smart A test bed for the army's next-generation rifl e by vanguard Staff

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