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Preserving capacity, General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff, Keys to Canadian SAR

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monitoring and work-alone safety for organiza- tions. Antris' dashboard, TracDash, enables administrators with real time personnel monitor- ing of check-ins, alert status and GPS locations and collects data for analytics and reporting on all active users. " SECTOR: Human Resource Safety and Security Shimifrez Inc. wHAT: Precision light-gauge flat and formed metal parts, fine-line shadow, small aperture and RFI/ EMI shielding gaskets, shims, flexures, and ultra- micro metal parts. wHERE: Concord, ON wHy: "With over 35 years of experience in fabri- cating light gauge metal components, Shimifrez fabrication thicknesses range in thickness from 0.5 mil [0.0127 mm] to 30 mil [0.8mm], with fea- tures as small as 2 mil [0.025 mm]." SECTOR: Defence, Aerospace Space and Satellite, Medical, Consumer Electronics & more Island water Technologies wHAT: A wastewater technology company spe- cializing in modular, solar powered treatment solutions providing robust, low-complexity self- powered wastewater treatment for domestic and industrial industries. wHERE: Montague, PE wHy: "We have developed technologies focused on focused on low-energy, mobile wastewater treatment and also offer professional engineering capabilities consulting on any and all aspects of decentralized waste-water management." SECTOR: Domestic and industrial Gnowit, Inc wHAT: Gnowit CoreAlerts, HansardWatch and In- sight Engine wHERE: Ottawa, ON wHy: "Gnowit (pronounced "know it") is a provider of strategic web intelligence. We help organiza- tions find and act on the crucial information found in news sites, blogs, and in online transcripts of government proceedings. In essence, we filter out t tech SHOWCASE OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016 23 the noise, bringing users the real-time media and government insights they need to take quick, de- cisive action." SECTOR: Government, Defence, Public Security, Communications NovAtel Inc. wHAT: High precision GNSS positioning technology wHERE: Calgary, AB wHy: "NovAtel's GNSS receivers, antennas and subsystems offer precise, robust positioning, navigation and interference solutions for integra- tors across a wide range of industries and envi- ronments. Our GPS anti-jam technology (GAJT) antenna products provide protection against GPS jamming and interference signals, increasing po- sition solution availability and robustness in con- tested signal environments." SECTOR: Defence, Aerospace, Survey & Mapping, Agriculture & Construction, Offshore, Autonomous Systems Pegasus Aeronautics wHAT: Cutting drone/UAV powertrain solutions for industrial and commercial use. wHERE: Kitchener, ON wHy: "Pegasus' goal is to unlock the potential of drones in industrial applications by designing a cost effective and reliable alternative power source to conventional lithium-polymer batteries." SECTOR: Aerospace & Robotics, Powertrain Devel- opment Labforge wHAT: Augmented Reality for military training, non-GPS digital tracking for security details & applying edge computing for large-scale surveil- lance. wHERE: Kitchener, ON wHy: From Canada to USA, Germany, Austria, Paki- stan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We know security is an essential survival need, we have lived it, and we are deploying technology to make the world a safer place. SECTOR: Security, Technology, Defence Vrvana Inc. wHAT: The only Mixed Reality headset to do fully immersive VR & AR. wHERE: Montreal, QC wHy: "Vrvana is a world class hardware and soft- ware engineering team that is passionate about VR, AR, and blended reality. We are open for col- laboration with game changing projects in all industries. In the coming months we will launch TOTEM, our high end visualization and interaction HMD and off the shelf solution for enabling our scenarios envisioned for VR and AR." SECTOR: Technology, Defence Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. wHAT: Zenyatta Ventures' Albany Graphite Deposit located in Ontario is the largest & highest purity graphite deposit of its kind in the world. Graphene, a new "wonder" material has a wide range of unique properties (light, strong, thermal and elec- trical conductivity). wHERE: Thunder Bay, ON wHy: "Recently Zenyatta's graphite material was tested by independent R&D teams in Canada, Is- rael & Japan and found to convert much easier and with higher yields of graphene nano-particles than any other natural graphite types that they tried. It is widely expected to lead to new and im- proved applications for defence such as advanced lightweight ballistic body armour, thermal imag- ing, sensors, smart camouflage systems and lighter / stronger military equipment." SECTOR: Industrial, Manufacturing Many companies in the defence industry – like Lockheed Martin and Kongsberg Gruppen – oper- ate in multiple sectors, and are actively seeking out novel technology. Case in point: Lockheed Martin recently signed an $8 million contract with a London, Ontario company to provide software to protect their e-health records. A successful pitch at Best Defence, then, could be huge for these businesses. All those who are interested in hearing what these companies have to say can register online at With tech this new on the table, these companies are worth keeping an eye on.

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